Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Simply Posting links!

Unknown to many there are several different websites that allow you to shorten any URL and you can get paid to do so. The way that it works is simple, firstly after signing up, simply copy  any URL (e.g. www.facebook.com) and paste it into the URL shorten-er. After doing this, it will  convert into a shorter URL which you can post on blogs, Facebook, twitter and forums. When someone clicks on this URL it will firstly divert them to an advertisement page, if someone shows interest in the advert by clicking, buying or taking part in some way, you will get paid. If they are not interested or after they have taken part then they can skip the advert by redirecting back to the original webpage intended. It really is a simple, easy and very effective way of making some extra money. When you couple this along with an advert or an affiliation then you produce two income streams at the same time with no extra work. If you find a product to sell or an affiliation programme where you get paid for a click or paid a percentage of a sale, just use this method to increase your income further. Always ensure that every-time that you do post a link, even just to a random webpage, just use a shorten-er first and once you get in the habit of doing so you'll be surprised at the income you will be able to generate.
I would definitely recommend signing up to more than one of these link companies as each have different adverts that will appeal to different consumers and when people start to recognise the link they may stop clicking or stop taking part in the advert. So to ensure that you have a good variety to choose from then click and sign up to the following links. 1st Sign up2nd Sign up3rd Sign Up4th Sign up.

Where you can post

Everywhere! There are plenty of social network sites and forums that you can become accustomed to. Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, Digg, Youtube, Tumblr and any chat forum that may interest you or is relevant to the link. Even a simple "add me on Facebook here" posted on twitter can be very effective. So be creative with your links and just get posting!!